November 17, 2017

A game-changing motorcycle upgrade

We love upgrading our motorcycles, don’t we? Crazy decals, expensive exhausts and gorgeous paint jobs, you name it. We often end up treating our bikes as our own babies. But what if an upgrade to your baby becomes an upgrade to your health as well? Wouldn’t you love if you feel the comfort similar to an Audi while riding your bike? Or wouldn’t you feel awesome if you feel like floating even when you are stuck in traffic for hours?

And if in case you are wondering this is not possible then you are wrong. FEGO Innovations has come up with an accessory which will prove to be a revolutionary solution to Indians. They have come up with an ergonomic seating solution, called the Float, which might just change your world. It is an easy-to-use strap on saddle which hugs your bike and gives you a long lasting enjoyable ride on your bike.

The unique air-cellular network inside the seat absorbs about 70% of the jerks and reduces impact to your body thus decreasing all the terrible things which happen to us while riding on bad roads. Not only that, the seat is way behind from just an accessory. It is made out of pure leather and is crafted to give a premium feel. It’s washable and pretty durable too. The best part about it is it is universal. You don’t have to worry whether it will fit your two-wheeler or not. It fits easily on any two-wheeler and even your pillion can enjoy the advantages of the Float.

Forget about potholes and craters on our roads, now nothing can stop you from enjoying your otherwise stressful daily commutes because FEGO Float has come to your rescue.