November 17, 2017

Fall in love with your bikes again

I stood at a traffic signal and looked around. I saw two more motorcycles besides mine and probably one more scooter and some nine cars. I recalled the time when I had just shifted to this town and I was standing at the same junction and I immediately realized the difference.

Suddenly people have upgraded to four-wheelers. There are more cars on the road now than there are two-wheelers. The city has not increased its area but somehow people nowadays find it easier to drive around in a car. And I knew exactly why.

There are a lot of factors but one of the primary reasons being how vehicles in general have advanced over the years. Like technology there was a gradient shift in the upgradation of vehicles but did they progress in every aspect? They started giving better mileage, became lighter and more durable and became somewhat safer.

Obviously the extent of these upgrades are better served in a four-wheeler but even two-wheelers did well. But sadly one thing in two-wheelers never changed (obviously, apart from having two wheels), the comfort. We still have those hard foam seats on our bikes which we had ages ago. We still get edgy after travelling over 30 minutes at a stretch on our bikes because a numb feeling starts erupting our body. Not only that but high rise in pollution levels and overall unpredictability of weather prompted us to feel much comfortable and safer in a four-wheeler.

We started FEGO Innovations to make people realize how great a biking experience can be. How your daily commute could get more pleasant and less stressful. We want them to accept two-wheelers again as a more sustainable automobile option. Increase in the number of cars on roads paves way for more problems a naked eye may see like parking issues, increase in pollution levels etc. So, we want to create a line of accessories which will help people embrace two-wheelers again.

For starters, we have created a product called the FEGO Float. It is an add-on seat which helps reduce jerks to your body by almost 70%. There are so many health risks related to prolonged driving hours daily and Float helps decreasing those risks. The seat has a unique built and rich feel. We want people to start enjoying their bikes and fall in love with riding again.