November 17, 2017

Kiss your pains goodbye

Have you ever wondered why is it so easy these days to get pissed at anybody on road? Even when sometimes we are at fault we find it very convenient to yell at our fellow commuters. Road rage accidents are not only related to our daily lifestyle or our bad food habits, but also very effectively are a result of our harrowing daily commute to office on those roads full of craters which feel as deep as the Pacific Ocean.

Whenever we rover our bikes or cars over those potholes or bumpers, the jerk to our body gives intense pressure on our spines. Since our spines are linked to our nervous system too, it effects not only our motor but also sensory actions. Generally speaking, our irregular cranky moods and irrational behavior with our loved ones might be a result of what our bodies go through each day while travelling. So, next time you yell on your wife, do not blame it on your work pressure or hormones.

An average Indian nowadays spends approximately a minimum of 3 hours on roads battling traffic. Our stagnant posture due to sitting in traffic jams for hours puts extreme pressure on our spinal cord. So everyday when it becomes a routine, our shoulders, necks and body start wearing out. In plain terms, this is the main reason why nowadays we are almost always tired and feel very lazy throughout. Even if we do not do physical work.

This kind of prolonged stress on your body can also cause emotional imbalance. It is hence, better to take necessary precautions to restrict this kind of day-to-day interference with your body. Science has helped us develop technology which helps us to travel without letting anything create any damage to the human body. The FEGO Float helps you achieve comfort during daily rides. Built especially for Indian roads, the Float has been tested for the toughest of roads. So that you don’t have to go through that ordeal everyday. So, go ahead and float your pains away.