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The best and easy solution to carry your helmets and hand gloves.

The Brand Story

We, FEGO Innovations, aim to build a better future of motoring in India through innovative automotive accessories that are reasonably priced, give your vehicle a premium touch, and are equipped with advanced techno metrics for the ultimate ride. We realize that the automotive market should not be purely about the vehicles but also ensuring that the vehicles are suited for the roads they travel on. Our portfolio of products makes your ride easy and the best in class. We always stand by the quality of our products and focus on delivering the best products to our customers.

At FEGO Innovations, we manufacture the most innovative and needed biking accessory for all motorcycle and bike riders to carry their helmets and hand gloves easily and safely.

Problems you (riders) face:

In this current world, all bike and motorcycle riders face a lot of struggle when it comes to carrying their helmet and hand gloves during their rides. Most of the riders like to go for long rides and used to carry their heavy gear backpacks with them frequently. The riders always like to make a pit stop for breakfast or shopping. On such occasions due to the fear of losing their precious biking accessories, the riders mostly:

  • Wear the helmet and hand gloves in their head and hands instead of leaving them in the parking area.
  • Carry it in their hand during long hours of shopping which eventually leads to fear of dropping.

Also, a rider faces other issues such as:

  • Carrying a second helmet on the bike tank during a ride can eventually lead to accidents.
  • Leaving the helmet and hand gloves in the bike provide options for getting stolen or birds shat on them.
The Right Choice for All Your Helmet and Hand Gloves Carrying Needs.
Our all-new FEGO STRP helmet and hand gloves carrier strap provides an easy and effective solution for these helmet and hand gloves carrying issues. Just loop your helmet and hand gloves to the shoulder strap and walk-in style during your shopping. In addition, this biking accessory allows carrying your co-passenger helmet with you at ease.

A stylish and easy way to bring your helmet everywhere.

Genuine, Reliable, and Safe.
This amazing biking accessory made from premium wax canvas and corduroy materials ensures long-lasting usage and strength. The military-grade engineered buckle with a quick-release function makes sure that the ends of the strap are well connected while carrying the helmet. The high level of stitching implemented in the helmet and hand gloves strap offers increased stability. Best suitable for motorcycle lovers, cycle enthusiasts and bike riders.
Unique Features
  • Quick release buckle
  • Padded tongue
  • Pocket friendly
  • Adjustable length
  • Elegant stitching
  • Rugged and durable
  • Lightweight and convenient

Specially Designed for Added Protection.

Our uniquely designed helmet and hand gloves strap with an adjustable shoulder pad evenly distributes the weight while carrying the helmet in your shoulder. The elegant stitching implemented in the helmet strap and the amazing diamond stitching performed on the padded tongue makes the shoulder strap look more attractive with an eye-catching appearance. Compatible with full-face helmets and for helmets used by cyclists and skaters, buckle the chin straps first and then loop them easily with the helmet carrier strap.

Specially Designed for Added Protection.

The helmet and hand gloves carrying strap is lightweight and easily foldable, allowing you to store it in your pockets while you ride. The additional clip feature provided in the biking accessory enables easy storage of your hand gloves along with the helmet. This helmet carrying sling best suits men, women, and children. Present this helmet strap on special events to your friends, family members, and loved ones to make them realize the amount of love and care you have for them.

Premium Hotspots

Spot 1: Military Grade Buckle

Built with advanced technology, the military grade tactical buckle assures quick release and increased safety.

Spot 2: Hand Gloves Holder

This unique feature allows you to store your bike/motorcycle gloves in the strap without the need of carrying them in your hands.

Spot 3: Padded Tongue

This shoulder pad built with black corduroy provides comfort to your shoulders and distributes weight evenly.

Spot 4: Reinforced Stitching

The elegant and sturdy stitching offers long lasting usage and does not tear away easily.

Spot 5: Premium Materials

Constructed with high quality canvas materials for long lasting usage.