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Product Care

Product Care

Product Care: 

Air Suspension Seats Care: 

  • Do clean the air bag regularly to avoid any dust formation inside the airbag. This will increase the durability of the product.
  • Do check the air valve is closed properly, to avoid any escape of air slowly from the nozzle while riding due to pressure from inside. 
  • Do not expose the product directly to the sun light for prolonged duration. Direct and longer exposure may reduce the durability of the product and damage the material. (Ozone cracking ) 
  • Do not store the product in a closed container/cupboard as this may fasten the ageing of the product due to moisture accumulation (Hydrolysis effect)
  • Do not bring/place the sharp objects and keys on the product to avoid potential damage to the product. 
  • Do not over inflate. This product works most effective with minimal amount of air. 
  • Do not inflate with motorized Air pressure pump to inflate.
  • Do not use water to fill the Float air bag. 

Air Suspension Seat FAQ’s:

  1. How to Install cushion to the seat? 
  • Remove the rain cover and Unlock the buckle and detach the harness straps from the anchoring points/slots on any of the same two sides of the seat. 
  • Detach the seat from the motorcycle. 
  • Place cushion on your motorcycle seat, with the air cells facing upwards. 
  • After placing the cushion on your motorcycle seat, Loosen the harness straps as per the requirement of your bike. 
  • Pull both the straps from under the seat to the opposite side and insert the harness strap buckle into the slot/anchoring points provided and lock it.
  • Attach the seat on to the motorcycle. 
  1. How to inflate FEGO Float : 
  • Turn cushion valve anti clock wise. 
  • Inflate the cushion by mouth until the cushion is filled with desired amount(30-70% or ¼ inch to ½ inch)  of air. 
  • Turn the valve clock wise to close. 
  • Ideal inflation is about 30-70% or ¼ inch to ½ inch of the seat.

      No tools necessary !

  1. How Do I know how much air to put in the cushion 

There is no specific measurement. Air needs to travel from one pocket to other pocket to distribute your weight and pressure uniformly. Hence, we recommend inflating the cushion half way & letting air out from there. You should not feel the hard points of the seat itself, but you also should not feel as though you are sitting on a bubble and feeling unstable. Remember, Less air more comfort!. Takes up to 2-3 days to adjust to the new seat cushion.

  1. How much height does the seat add to the seat. 

    Ideally 1/4inch to ½ inch 

  1. Does this fit my bike ?

FEGO FLOAT is universal in design. It Fits to almost all the bikes available in the market. The product design is made in such a way that it takes the human shape and covers the maximum area of your butt. ( To keep rider more comfortable) 

  1. What if FEGO FLOAT doesn’t fill up/deflate/get punctured?
  • Check to ensure that the Air nozzle is open and blowing properly. 
  • If air is entering the airbag and air bag still does not fill up, check to ensure that there is hole in the air bag. 
  • This can be checked by immersing the airbag in the water and seeing if air bubbles are exiting the bag from any point. If so holes can be repaired by covering with the specialized adhesive stickers given in the package.
  • Check to ensure that the air nozzle is closed properly.
  1. How to repair FEGO FLOAT Air bag if it gets punctured? 

we provide you with peel and stick patch sticker to seal a puncture in case of an damage. 

  • Thoroughly clean damaged surface and allow to dry for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • Remove vinyl patch from paper backing 
  • Press patch firmly over hole or puncture 
  • Do not inflate for 20 minutes.
  1. Will the cushion get Hot?

Our cushions are specifically designed to prevent heat or moisture build-up.  The outer cover is a light weight, breathable Air mesh that is slightly perforated to allow air to flow through.  Air also moves between the interconnected air cells in the bladder to keep you cool.

  1. what is the weight bearing capacity of the FEGO FLAOT?

120 – 130 kg 

  1. Caution 
  • Air Temperature and weather do affect the air pressure in inflatable products. In Cold Weather your Float Air bag will lose some pressure do to the fact that the air will contract. If this occurs, you may want to add a little air to improve Float Airbag’s Performance. However in Hot whether, the air will expand. You must let some air out to prevent Float air bag from failing due to over pressure. You should avoid over exposing your airbed to extreme temperatures ( hot or cold).
  • It takes two-three days to adjust to the new seating